Convert individual drum kit sounds to midi events?

Hi folks,

I’m trying to do something and i’m sure there must be a better way than manually putting a bunch of hit points in.
I’ve got one audio stem of a drum track that I’m trying to convert to midi. Basically it’s a really old (and bad sounding) recording, where I want to be able to have each drum piece hit mapped to midi, so I can then use BFD to provide the new sounds to replace the previous audio.

Is there any trigger s/w or functionality in cubase that would do this? Simple EQ-ing doesn’t work at the audio’s too mushy to get real seperation between the drum pieces, andjust using hit points is missing a bunch of hits even with the threshold as low as possible.

cheers for any ideas,


There are several apps that should do this.

If you want what I think is the most accurate, it’s Toontrack SD3 tracker feature. However certainly, you would not want to invest in that without taking full advantage of all of SD3s features. IMO, it’s really the best drum application bar none. It’s an investment if you are serious about drums.

You can do this using a Sampler Track’s Slice function. It can map all the various hits on your Audio Track to individual MIDI Notes in a MIDI Part. You could then put that Part on a BFD Track to remap the sounds.

Here’s how to do the initial mapping starting at about 25 minutes - although the whole video is worth watching.

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