Convert Lanes to Track Versions - No Audio Output

When converting audio tracks with multiple lanes to Track Versions, only one of the Versions created will produce any audio output. The other versions are silent, as if muted. They cannot be “unmuted.” On further investigation, I have found that only the lane that was “active” at the time of conversion will produce audio output after conversion to Track Versions.

To reproduce this:

  1. Record multi-track audio performance with all audio tracks located within one master folder. Record 2 or 3 takes of one song, as one long linear performance.

  2. Then, enable lanes on all audio tracks. Spit recording at start of each new take.

  3. Move all the tracks from Take 2 performance to lane 2, all the tracks from Take 3 performance to Lane 3, etc.

  4. Move Take 2 forward in the project so it’s synchronized with take one. Do the same with Take 3, etc.

  5. All the takes are now lined up in time, each take on it’s own lane.

  6. Select all tracks, and select Convert to Track Versions

  7. Use “Next Version” or “Previous Version”. My experience is that only the lane that was active at the time of conversion will produce any audio output, the others appear “grey-ed out” as if muted, and are silent.

If this is user error, please enlighten me. I studied the manual and every tutorial I could find and saw no references to this problem.

Was this ever fixed?

I’ve not tried to reproduce this, but I’m wondering what the Project Pool is showing for those “silent” files?