Convert Markers [BUG?!?]

Hi PG,

I am having problems using the ‘Convert Marker’-Function.

I am trying to convert CD-Track-Markers to Region Markers
Therefore I have set up the following routine as seen on the picture.

The problem is that only the first CD-Track Marker are being converted.
Can you confirm this is a bug?

To me a Track-Splice-Marker is [(End-Marker)+(Start-Marker)] otherwise it`s NOT possible to
convert a Track-Splice into RegionEnd/Region-Start-Marker.


My guess is that it’s not a bug and WL considers a CD Track Splice Marker as just one marker rather than two as it technically is. So maybe I would call it an oversight and not a true bug.

I agree that it would be nice if WL could decouple a CD Track Splice Marker to be an end and a start marker for those that need to do that. Perhaps there is a top secret way or trick that PG or somebody else knows of.

The reason the first marker is getting converted is because that likely actually is a CD Track Start marker.

Justin’s answer is correct.

Why do you want to convert CD-Track-Markers to Region Markers?