Convert markers to cycle markers

Hi, I’ve a project with about 450 markers, one every minute. They’ve a description name. I’d like to convert it to cycle markers with same description and 1 minute lenght every one.
Any suggestion?


Here’s what I would do:

-Export to .csv
-Import in Excel
-Add “end” timecode (this is the part that you need to do manually)
-Save as .csv
-Import into Nuendo.


In addition to what Fredo said. I believe you can try this too.

Copy the Timecode in field in excel, paste it and call it timecode out or whatever N5 likes. Now you’ll have two identical columns of TC. Once you import it back into your session, you should be able to select all the cycle markers and adjust the length all at the same time, making them 1 minute.

Great tips yet again.

Thanks, I didn’t know that an output timecode means cycle marker instead.