Convert MIDI - From Halion Sonic SE Drums to Groove Agent Drums

What’s the best way to convert a MIDI track of a drum kit to another MIDI track of a different drum kit?
The thing to notice is that different notes represent different hits in each kit.
So that if I simply duplicate the track and change the VST from Halion Sonic SE to Groove Agent - The same MIDI notes might change - Kick will be cymbal, Sanre will be something else, etc.

And smart and fast way of doing it?

Smart - yes;
Fast - depends …

You may want to search for Cubase Drum Maps

Drum maps are a onvenient mechanism to map incoming midi notes to different outgoing midi notes.

Yes this is the best approach.

Going a bit off topic
Recently it struck me that Drum Maps could also be used to make harmonic adjustments. For example converting from a Major to Minor Key. We’ve other ways to do that easier. But while I can’t think of anything specific, I wonder if there might not be some use for Drum Maps outside of the context of percussive sounds.

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Maybe one could use them as a different way of approaching customized expression maps, if one isn’t enamoured with the Cubase expression map system.

For example, drum maps understand multiple midi channels, while the Cubase expression map system doesn’t really work with multiple midi channels. This can come into consideration when using multi-slot instruments like Kontakt.