Convert MIDI track to audio Track

What is the easiest way to comvert a midi track into an audio track? (artist 7.5)

Hi you, there was an excellent Explanation of this in the old cubase Forum… maybe someone still has a link?

Just as a Brief hint: if it is about vstis → see “Export/Reimport”.
And: Be Aware - midi is only control Information, so there is no “conversion”. The midi track “Plays” an Audio Instrument (vsti or external synth) and you have to RECORD the Output of this Instrument back into cubase. One way is “Export”, another way is phyiscally connect your external instrument’s Output to the audio-Input of your Computer and record the Signal back into cubase.

Cheers, Ernst

Aloha a,

As Elien posted:

Just as a Brief hint: if it is about vstis → see “Export/Reimport”.

In the ‘Export’ dialog box near the bottom there is a tab called:
‘Import into Project’.

Below that there is an option to make what ever track(s) you select
into an audio track. (including ‘Instrument Tracks’ using MIDI data/information)

Good Luck!

Thanks! Just what I needed!