Convert old cubase (*.all) files in Nuendo?


I bought Nuendo and sold my Cubase license. Is there a place I can download the installer for Nuendo 3?
If I rememeber correct this version could read .all files?

The solution for Cubase users is not working on the Nuendo license I guess…


Yes, with Cubase SX3 you can convert these files. But unfortunately I don’t know if and where you can download the installer.

For this *.all files, I have an old computer with Win ME and Cubase VST32 (export as midi-files). Whenever I boot this Computer, I fall in retro dreams … (this old prog was very fast, compared to all these big progs today) :wink:

I found the installer for SX3 no Steinberg archive, but that doesn’t work with my Nuendo dongle. Need Nuendo 3 installer, I guess…


i’ve got an installer for n3. let me know if you still need it.

That would be great!