Convert old .vstpreset from Old Halion Player

Dug up an old song which has Halion Player, 3.3 I think, listed as an instrument and may be 32-bit.
Of course it wont load in Cubase 11. I’ve tried downloading on the Steinberg unsupported software section but there is only the updates not the program itself and I’ve also tried the ftp site and cant find it there.
Any way for me to convert the old .vstpreset so I can at least hear what it is?
Thanks, Mike


Hi @spottydog10,

[- A -]
what do you mean by “Halion Player”? HALion Sonic 3.3.xx or HALion Sonic SE 3.3.xx?
And why should a sample player’s bit depth have - primarily - anything to do with finding out what’s inside an older / saved project file? Do you perhaps remember which exact version of Cubase had been used to create said project?

Regarding HALion Sonic (SE) version 3.x.xx, and despite the new HALion (Sonic) 7 being Steinberg’s current sample player, the older installer for 3.5.10 (x64) is still available (and has hybrid licensing: eLicenser as well as Steinberg Licensing), so just in case:

HALion Sonic SE 3 updates and downloads | Steinberg

[- B -]
If you load your project in Cubase 11, how does Cubase react? (for instance: which VST instruments / plug-ins are being reported as missing?)

If you aren’t sure what’s inside that project file and if you really want to run Cubase and all of its VST instruments in 32 bit again - just to check your project file, - and if you have the Cubase 11 (Pro?) license, you could certainly go a few versions back and install one or more older (and possibly matching) version(s) of Cubase in its (their) own folder(s), along with Cubase 11.
But which version had been used: 9.0, 9.5, 10.0, 10.5? Those are all x64 and VST x64 bit only.
8.5 (Pro) was the last Cubase version which gave the choice of installing everything either in x86 or in x64 (the former Steinberg VST 32bit-64bit bridge got dropped with Cubase 9.xx).

On the following page you’ll find the links to most of the legacy Cubase installers including their ISO files (plug-ins, VST instruments, content), so - with a little luck and some patience - you might be able to reconstruct that older project file’s software environment:

Legacy Cubase downloads | Steinberg


Hi Markus,
I downloaded the 32 bit version of Cubase 7 as you suggested.
The missing vst is called Halion Player, no number 1,2, or 3 etc.
There is a Halion player in the Steinberg legacy downloads section but they are updates and not the original full program. I can pretty much work out what the sound was through memory so I’m going to give up on this now but it’s a bit frustrating that I cant get to hear the exact sound I was using.
Thanks for the help, Mike

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The only way to load Halion Player presets in a modern environment is by using the full version of Halion. The Halion Player program structure is unfortunately not compatible with Halion Sonic.

To install Halion Player, you would likely have to request the .iso from Steinberg Support, though I suspect that they may not have it anymore.

What is the preset called? I can have a look through my legacy sample libraries and try to find it.

Thanks Romantique_Tp, that’s kind of you.
It’s the Gooseskin preset but I’m pretty sure I altered it by removing the piano and just keeping the strings