Convert Repeats into Bars?

I have a project full of repeats that I have placed as a convenience. Is there a way to make Dorico automatically “convert” these repeats into bars with no repeats?

If you mean doubling the repeated phrase, no, I don’t think so. It’s obviously not hard to do manually, although I can understand it’s not fun if you have lots of repeats.

There’s no automatic way, but it’s simple to manually:
1 Engage insert mode (I)
2 Use the system bar to select a section
3 Hit R (to repeat it)
4 Delete the old repeat barlines.


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Not when your section has multiple time signature changes, or have many instruments with a hairpin at the end (that dorico frustratingly and unexplainingly loves to extend all the way to the end when you try to add new bars, forcing you to redo them all manually).

Doesn’t work exactly as expected. In a full orchestral score, some instruments repeat exactly, but others don’t.

Try changing the insert scope to global. I’m not in Dorico at present so cannot check.

how to change scope?

Very easy to find in the Documentation: