Convert Rhythmic Cue to Note

Is it (or will it) be possible to convert rhythmic cue notes to real notes so they can playback? I am currently using the workaround discussed elsewhere where a 2nd non-transposing instrument is added to a solo drum part in order to show ensemble hits as rhythmic cues and slashes showing “time”. This works fine for printout. What would be nice is to be able to copy and paste the rhythmic cue into a 3rd drum part which could then be assigned a snare, crash cymbal or tom etc. This would play along with a “time” rhythm in another drum part.

Obviously I could go to the source of the rhythmic cues and copy those parts and assign them to drum instruments but being able to convert straight from the drum part would be easier.

It’s not possible to do this: as you say, copying and pasting the original material to the percussion kit is the best way to achieve this.