Convert slow analog to normal speed digital

I’m using an old Tascam PortaOne cassette 4-track to convert old analog to digital. I few of the cassettes have recordings from two other Tascam units. They were “high speed” but I can’t remember if they were 1.5 or 2 times normal speed or even a combination. I don’t have access to units like that anymore so I’m wondering if, after I record the audio that sounds slow, if I can change the audio events in Cubase to be at their normal speed and pitch?

I’ve played with musical mode, changing the tempo of the audio events and tempo of the project but the best I can do is get the tempo to feel right, but the pitch stays low. I feel like it’s an audiowarp setting? But playing with musical mode and audiowarp in the past was confusing and I didn’t really understand the results.

If anyone has a workflow for this conversion, I’d really appreciate any help! Thanks!

You just need to switch the pitch Algorithm to one that mimics speed change in a tape machine

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You nailed it, thank you!

For anyone stumbling across this topic in the future do this to convert:
Record audio at normal speed
Edit the audio Event
Turn on musical mode in the event
Change from elastique Pro-Time to elastique Pro-tape