Convert Stereo to 2 Mono Tracks?

I dont seem to find this option anymore… :S

Go to ‘Project’ - ‘Convert Tracks’ - ‘Multi Tracks to Mono’

I do not see the “convert tracks” option in the Project drop down menu. Please help! Does the cheaper version of cubase not have that option?

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 7.13.07 AM
I don’t think there was ever an easy way to do it- gotta do it in the pool. I set up a macro that stops when it gets to the 3rd step so I can manually tell it what to do.

You can also convert the event in an easy way.
Right-click on the event and choose convert.

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Right clicking brings up the tool selection & CMD + right click gets me this but I can’t see any option to convert. What am I missing? I’d be happy to free up a button on Lemur if this is true!

Try “Split Channels”


That splits it - doesn’t convert it. (excuse me- I re-read the original question) Thank you for the tip!