Convert stereo track to mono 9.5

(Cubase artist 9.5)
So because of a new soundcard being iffy with the input jack on my headset I ended up recording a stereo track with all sound in one ear (that somehow sounded like it had sound in both ears in my headset), but only one of the lines that depict audio in the stereo track has sound, the other one is just a flat line.
How do I convert it to mono so I can get the sound in both ears?
To be specific, I both want to convert the currently recorded audio from stereo to mono, as well as changing the track so that future recordings in it will be mono, because I don’t like having sound all in one ear.
I tried looking it up but every tutorial says “just click THIS button and you’re done”, and that button doesn’t even exist for me.
I get I can create a new mono track and drag it over but then I lose all my effects that I added with plugins and stuff, I don’t know how to transfer that from one to the other without just re-making everything.