Convert templates and projects to other DAWs

It would be FANTASTIC if someone (or Steinberg) would develop a program so that you could convert your projects and templates so that they could be used in other DAWs. I have heard of Pro Convert, but it seem to be no longer available, and costs an arm and a leg.
Well, I have no idea if this is possible to do, but I would be happy with a 90% conversion rate.
Does anyone know of anything ?

I do know of OMF and Midi, and it doesn’t work with templates and instruments.

This is a feature I can’t be the only one who have thought about it?

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Perhaps a standard that most DAWs could adhere to, and simply just convert to that standard?

It’s not 100% or a one for one fit but you are not the only one this…

Bitwig and PreSonus’ new DAWproject format,

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I’d put compatibilty between Cubase and Dorico as a higher priority!

What about MusicXML?