Convert to file


Before on cubase 5, I was using a lot a simple feature : convert to file (on a group of wavs on audio track).

Since I’m doing a lot of editing, usually, I would put a blank container before and after my small audio files, select all, right click on them, convert to file, and get an long audio file, easy to manipulate.

Now, when you draw a blank container on an audio track, it doesn’t get treated like an audio file, and when you multiple select like drawed container + audiofile + drawed container, only the audiofile get rerendered …

BTW, by drawed container, I’m talking about the Pen (alt + click to draw on audio files)

Is there something i’m missing ?


Glue them together, then select them, then Audio > bounce selection

If I’m understanding you rightly, that should do the trick

Cool it’s working !

It still needs 2 actions for something which usually took only 1 …

Anyway thanks for the tip