Convert to new version once and for all

Sorry for a dumb question, but is there a way to save a file created with a previous version of Dorico and have it be converted to 3.1 (or whatever the newest version is at the time) once and for all? I get the conversion message every time I open the file, even if I’ve made a modification and saved it. Not a big deal, but seems like I might be missing something.

On my system, I get the warning only once. As soon as I save the file from the new version, the warning at opening the file goes away, and the file is converted “once and for all.” I can’t think what could be going wrong on your system that this is not happening. Hopefully someone from the team will chime in with a way to troubleshoot this.

The first time you save a file after it has been converted from an earlier version of Dorico, you are prompted for a new file name, as a precaution in case you don’t want to overwrite the original file. You can overwrite the old name if you want.

The “save” operation will probably be pointing to Dorico’s default save directory, and the original file may have been in a different directory. Are you saving the converted file somewhere you didn’t expect it to be, and then opening the old file again?