i input polywav files from sound device recorder.
i want to split 1/2 is MS ; 3 is HF1 ; 4 is HF 2 ; 5678 is ambiophonic (quadro).
sooo… yeah what is the best way to split those files fast and KEEP the metadata !
from my tests, nuendo split all in mono… then need to reselect and merge groups by groups but it puts crazy names from tracks and removes all metadata from original files.
i understand for “name” although you could have a window asking you to rename or batch name. but why remove all metadata this is so annoying.
i tried with FLAC. is there another technic you guys are using ?

imagine how great it would be : in the “previewer” from mediabay you tick boxes with numbers. in my case : 11 2 3 4444 and you hit a “split” button that would create 4 files. 1 is stereo 2 & 3 mono 4 quadro… then auto batch : name + format + letter and KEEP DAM METADATA ! :neutral_face:

… bought wavelab element but realised it only deals with stereo :frowning:


Waveagent is your friend.

thx… well not exactly :smiley: it only deals with .wav.
True it’s nice to reconform tracks by pair or such but then all the metadata is put into BWF description like this in one single line :
SPEED=25.000ND TAKE=003 UBITS=00000000 SCENE=seq viroles TAPE=VIROLES PIECES CIRCLED=FALSE TR1=Tr1 TR2=Tr2 NOTE=suivi son seul alarme
so i have to manualy remove all to keep “suivi son seul alarme”
Also i never found a way to convert .wav to .flac and keep metadata. i use dbpoweramp but all metadata are gone.
also i had some very very weird behavior where you edit metadata in waveagent all looks ok. and when you check the file later the changes are not stored. put hours into this and there’s… bug or something where you have to make sure you don’t use to much carater… or maybe end with space something i don’t remember . but it’s not all easy.

if you have a trick i would love that.

Why do you want to strip the metadata? I don’t quite understand.

A) you can search among your Notes data in Mediabay or soundminer.
B) you can view the Notes data in the info line or on the clips themselves.

So in your use case, what more do you want to achieve?

And I do dunderstand your frustration with the Nuendo implementation, it is behind the times for sure.
But I still don’t understand why/what you want to do.