Convert Tracks - Mono to Multichannel (not working in cubase 11)


I’m trying to convert a bunch of mono tracks into stereo. I select “Convert Tracks” → “Mono to Multi-Channel” from the Project menu, with these options:

If I select only mono audio regions and lunch that command nothing happens. If I select only mono audio tracks with no region selected I get this error:

I tried some different options but no luck. How is this supposed to work? Does it work on your system?
Please let me know. Thanks!

Yes it works…

Thanks for the link!

From the manual, what does the following mean as prerequisite?

  • The tracks fit evenly into a number of multi-channel files of the destination format.”
    Does it mean that number of channels in the destination format divided by the number of channels of the source needs to be a natural number (in the case of a mono to multichannel)? Like 2/1 = 1? Or a stereo track into a quad track? 4/2 = 2?

Also this from the manual:
“The tracks reside on the same level in the track list, that is, either on the top level or within the same folder track”?
Which tracks reside? The mono tracks I’m trying to convert? If I’m converting just one track does this mean it can reside anywhere since that will be either on the top level or within a folder?
Is this a prerequisite only when trying to covert multiple mono tracks?