Convert Velocity to Dynamics

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I am importing MIDI files and wondering is it possible to convert the velocities to dynamic markings for each note? Something like Vel 0 - 20 = pp, 20-40 = p… etc.

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No, I’m afraid not at the moment, Seán.

No worries, thanks Daniel!

Out of curiousity, if Dorico did this, then would the end result be useful? If every single note had a dynamic on it then surely the resulting score would be too ‘noisy’ to be of practical use?

Usually I think velocities between 0 - 16 gets a ppp, 17-32 a pp etc…
Maybe not exactly those numbers but you get the idea.
Non repeating until new range of course.


I see now that’s was what the OP wrote already, Ops.

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@ PaulWalmsley, my usage is mainly for visualising computer aided transcriptions that I am currently working with. However, take Luigi Nono, for example the score to …sofferte onde serene …; there is a dynamic marking for nearly every note!


You may find it useful then to do Window > New Window, set one to Play Mode and the other to Write Mode, and show the note velocity lane in Play Mode. This will allow you to see the individual note velocities, and the selection in both views will be the same.

Hey Paul, this is fantastic! Thanks, I did not know you could do this. Very useful