Convert very old Cubase 3 - ALL files into something Nuendo 10 can read

I am trying to access very old material from 2004 which was created using Cubase 3. Is there any way to convert these files into something Nuendo 10 can read?

I do NOT have the license for the original Cubase as it was a studio machine I wrote these on.


Hopefully, someone has a version that can still import these for you. I only have Nuendo 11 now. I used to do this for all sorts of DAWs a few years ago.

Cubase SX is the way to open .all and save .cpr that can be opened with Nuendo.

Thanks but I have never owned a copy of Cubase myself as it was a studio DAW I was working on with this particular project. Any suggestions?

Buy a USB Elcenser and do a Cubase 11 trial. That will give you access to Cubase SX 3

Edit- I see you have an Elicenser, so just do the latter.

I have both the USB ELicenser and own Nuendo 10… I was unaware I could do this so you are suggesting I can download a trial perhaps of Cubase SX3 and it will read these older files?

No. I’m just saying what I’m saying.

Do a web search for Cubase SX 3 .all files. SB has provided for this.

Got it… I understand now… I will download the trial of Cubase 11 and it will allow access to SX 3… I am reading about it now. Thank you for your suggestion. I appreciate it!

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I think there’s and old Mac G3 in the studio with Cubase SX3. If you can we would try to convert your file.

Very kind of you to offer. I am going to try the idea Steve suggested over the next couple of days. If I do not have success I will let you know.