Convert VSTi internal presets to Cubase presets

Is there a way to convert ALL VSTi internal presets to Cubase presets rather than one at a time?

On some instruments, this is doable, using this option, in the VSTi window :


The problem is that it’s only available for some VSTis, not all of them, far from it. In example Sylenth1 allows it (as shown), Alchemy doesn’t, and they are both VST 2.4. Go figure…

Beside this, I don’t remember having seen this option with VSTis made with the VST3 SDK… :pensive:

As Cubase 12 only likes VST3 this is a big drag!

As most VSTi have their own proprietary preset mechanism, there is nothing that Cubase can do about it.
It is understandable from a plugin developer’s point of view, because the have to support different plugin formats on different operating systems, each with their own different preset mechanisms and limitations…

I understand that, especially with tags etc., but seeing as how you can load an internal preset and the save it as a VST preset you’d think there would be a way of automating that.

Cubase 12 still allows the use of VST 2.4 instruments (I use them each time I start a Cubase session) but, AFAIU, I think it will be the last Cubase version that do so…

A lot of my VSTis are VST3 only.

It could most likely be automated if you used some kind of third party macro recorder/“auto clicker” program, but you’d have to program that for each plugin differently. There is no way for Cubase to automate that.

Where did you read that?


Excerpt (written on january 19, 2022) :

Moreover, within the next 24 months, Steinberg’s host applications and plug-ins across macOS and Windows will offer VST 3 compatibility only.

So, you are going to say that Cubase 13 could be released before january 2024. Indeed, but the problem is that the VST 2.4 compatibility has already been dropped when using Cubase 12 on a OSX ‘Native silicon’ setup and, few months ago, I had a rather heated debate with Matthias Quellmann on the subject that did nothing to reassure me about the whole issue…

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What is the real advantage of using cubase presets instead? I sincerely don’t know, hence asking

I think the advantage is you can access them via the Media Bay.

Ah, ok! Thanks. I’m not a big user of Mediabay, so I wasn’t getting it.

If you have the plug-in presets as Cubase presets, you can use the generic “Next Preset” / “Previous Preset” commands to switch presets for the plug-in. That’s pretty nifty for some plug-ins that have lots (LOTS!) of presets.

Edit: (That’s on top of the Mediabay stuff, where you can filter sounds based on ratings, attributes etc)

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The main thing for me is the auditioning in Mediabay (similar to Kompltete Konttrol}

Can’t some sort of not or ChatGPT Copilot robot do this for us? Or work experience kids?