Converting 3rd party presets to VST presets.

I’m aware of how wonderful media bay is when searching for a preset…usually…

I know my user presets are all stored here: C/users/user name/my documents/VST3 presets

But I’m wondering in certain circumstances if it wouldn’t be wise to also save the non-converted preset in the project folder. After all, just about everything else related to my project is in that folder. Wave files, cubase document files, (sometimes even actual Kontakt samples if I don’t want to point Kontakt to my Kontakt library) plus non-converted presets used in a particular project are saved in that project file.

Obviously when I work in Wavelab7 I’m given the option of where to store my presets since MediaBay hasn’t infected Wavelab yet. I always save any presets in my project folder instead of the VST3 presets folder.

What I’m saying is I just feel better knowing all the information/data is stored in one particular song project folder, and that is not the situation if I convert to Cubase VST presets correct? Yes the .cpr cubase document file is in my project folder and it “points” to the VST3 presets folder but would like my presets to be located in that project folder too.

Are there any settings I can change to make this happen? How can I accomplish this? Do I have to manually delete presets in the VST3 presets folder and then delete and reinstall the VST instrument or effect?

Maybe I’m missing something here?

thank you!