Converting 4/4 tuplets to 12/8

I need to convert a ton of this sort of thing, in 4/4, to 12/8:

I have some idea of how to do it, but wondering if there are suggestions of best practices.

Dan, “out of the blue” as I am not in front of the computer:

  1. Select a section, which consists mostly of triplets,
  2. Filter by duplets,
  3. turn Insert Mode on,
  4. Delete
    I wouldn’t worry about the time signature, until all triplets are converted.
    You might have to do tiny corrections, if the filtering did not work as expected…

Thanks, I’ve tried that. It works fine, except for all the places where it doesn’t… where a quarter should no longer be a quarter, but now a dotted quarter… :face_with_monocle:

I think it’s just some slogging ahead.

In a second go, select all quarters and give them a “.” whilst being in Insert mode? I guess that’s what you call slogging :wink:

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Thanks. That doesn’t work either, as I have things like an 8th tied into a quarter.

I was hoping for a hitherto undiscovered Magic Button, I think.

Have you tried this?

  1. Open score and go to Write mode
  2. Press cmd + A to select entire score (or just select the specific region you want to edit)
  3. Press J to open jump bar
  4. Search “Filter tuplets” and press enter
  5. Set properties to the following:

    (this will hide your tuplets)
  6. Select the first bar where you need to add a 12/8 time signature
  7. Press shift + M to open meter popover
  8. enter “12/8, 8” and press enter
  9. Select next bar, press shift + M, and enter “4/4”
  10. Select the 4/4 and set the properties to “Hide Time Signature”

You may have to redo the beaming in the first bar to get exactly what you want. This is what mine looks like after doing the above: