Converting a midi track to audio

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Is it possible to convert a midi track to audio. I can convert an instrument track using rendering in place, but cannot do the same with a midi. If I export the midi track and then try to import, I get a straight line. What I am attempting to do is use the output of my Yamaha keyboard, I can hear my recording from the keyboard fine in cubase, bit cannot keep it. Ideas appreciated.

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It depends, where is the MIDI Track routed to? If you route the output to an Instrument (VSTi), you can export it. If you route it to a hardware device, you have to export it in Real Time. And of course you need a monitor (Audio Return) track in Cubase.

How are the audio outputs of this Yamaha keyboard connected? To your audio interface I presume. Then how are those connections routed inside Cubase? Did you create an External Instrument or are you simply monitoring the inputs in Cubase?

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Thanks Martin, I am not routing to an instrument track as I want to import into cubase using the sounds I have created with the internal sound effects within the keyboard. Can you expand on what you mean by audio return

Connected using a single cable USB-B to USB-A on the computer. This is a yamaha YC keyboard with an internal audio interface, recently purchased, so still learning, midi and audio is sent through the same cable I believe.

I understand that you are using a MIDI Track and not an Instrument Track.
The MIDI Track has its MIDI Out routed to your Yamaha keyboard, I assume…?
But what about the audio output of the keyboard?
You stated:

This tells me that the audio output of your keyboard is somehow connected to Cubase. If not, how are you hearing the MIDI recording?

Also, you can’t convert MIDI to audio. MIDI is much like a digital score sheet in that it has information about the notes and tempo but does not know anything about what instrument(s) will be playing the music. Think of MIDI as a modern version of the perforated paper rolls in old self-playing pianos.

OK, thanks both for your replies and help. I will close this one down. Regards

If the keyboard acts as an audio interface as well, the procedure might be a little different.

Go to Studio > Studio Setup. Does your keyboard show up there as an ASIO driver? If so, select it from the left had list and take a screenshot.
We should be able to figure this out.

Studio.pdf (240.8 KB)
Please find attached

Hi Both,
I have resolved the issue. I can merely record directly to an audio track. I had read that I needed to record to midi and then convert to audio, but that is not the case. Thanks for your help.

The quick and dirty way is to create a new stereo Audio Track and make sure the inputs are set to your “YC Series”. Next, click the Record Enable button on the track and make sure it is the only track with it enabled. Now when you press Record on the Transport, the audio from the keyboard should get recorded on this Audio Track.

Yes that is exactly what I have done, so thank again for getting me to the solution. have a good evening.

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Great! There can be some real benefits in recording MIDI first, but that’s up to you.
The “proper” way of doing all this is to create an External Instrument in Cubase. Since your keyboard is also your audio interface, I would especially recommend this route.

Brilliant, I will give that a go - thanks