Converting a Surround mix to Atmos

I have been remixing some of my music for surround and now want to take advantage of the Atmos feature in 12. Is there a process to do this or is it just a case of directing the 7.1.2 mix I done into the Atmos (bed?).

Also, it gets a bit complicated taking effects from stereo into surround if they are only mono/stereo effects.
I know there is no ‘way’ (according to many mixers) of creating Atmos mixes and I think the Steinberg should have its own Surround forum.

Have a quick skim through my (official) livestream from a few weeks ago. It’s N11 but still relevant. There are a few things in there that may help you. Also templates are available on my Discord.

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Thanks! That was quite thorough.

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Thanks. It was a challenge to do it live tbh. There’s certainly a few verbal typos. I’ll be doing an updated one shortly. Including N12 options.

Don’t forget you can download the templates from my Discord.