Converting all BFD MIDI tracks to audio


I’ve been out of home recording for about 5 years now and am just getting back into it. The set up I’m using is Cubase Artist 8.5 with BFD 3 as my drum program. When I was recording before I was using Studio 4 with BFD 2. I was able to insert BFD 2 as a VST instrument and it would create a MIDI track for each output of BFD 2. I could then convert each of those tracks to an audio file by doing the exported audio mixdown. Whenever I attempt to do that now it brings up a tree menu that shows all of the tracks, but will only let me either choose one at a time, or a stereo mixdown. (The stereo mixdown works fine btw) I am assuming that it is still possible to convert each track over to audio and I know that I’m probably just leaving a step out in the process. I imagine there are a few people in this forum that use BFD 3, I would really appreciate it if someone could give me a step by step rundown of how to do this!