Converting ALL's to CPR files

Has anyone successfully installed SX3 on a Win 10 /64 bit machine to convert old ALL files ?


Yes, SX3 is fine here on Windows 20H2. Used quite frequently.

I keep C8.5 on too for compatibility with some 32bit VSTs. I have found bridging them to be less and less reliable as time goes on and I need to be able to access projects over at least the last 20 years.

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Ah , thank you so much , i will try to install it later .
Many thanks

Anything special to consider ?

I rarely encounter problems.
I start SX3 and use the Import Cubase .arr function. It will prompt for a file location. Then I just Save As a .cpr and close SX.

Once in modern Cubase, load the .cpr. You may have to search audio files depending on how your file system is set up. Once you have the audio and everything looks good, then consolidate to a new project via Backup Project. This will then be an up to date .cpr with correct file structure., which also means that you can “Import Tracks from Project”, which is a great tool. I was mixing outside the box until around 2007, so I had 24 physical outputs assigned and things panned hard left and right, so you may need also to reset ASIO, input and output settings etc.

Once you’ve imported .arr a couple of times, it becomes routine.

Thanks , my problem is the files im trying to retrieve are ALL files , are these files possible to import ? it’s been 14 years since trying just slightly rusty


Ok just for reference i checked the knowledge base and yes . This is fantastic news :wink: Here’s the link from the Base

Yes .all work fine. Just Import Cubase Song rather than Cubase Arrangement.

ps. If you struggle, you can PM me with the .all file, I can convert and send you .cpr. I don’t need any audio files, so it’s only a couple of mbytes each way.

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That is really a very kind offer but we are talking quite a few zip disks full and CD’s of files so , it’s a lovely gesture but i think ill install my SX3 so i can convert at leisure .
Much appreciated thou


Here’s the Conversion chart

Hi Again i would really love to know how you got SX 3 running on a Win 10 machine because i keep getting this message and it will not go any further
Cubase SX3

I think I just downloaded the legacy version from Steinberg and installed it, no warning flags I can remember. (this was around four years ago).

I wonder if SX3 is trying to install a very outdated ELicenser? If so, I suggest firstly, make sure your ELicenser is up to date (new version released a few days ago) then unplug your dongle. Next, attempt to install SX3. If successful plug in dongle. Then your modern Cubase license should allow SX3 to boot.

Which version of Cubase do you have?

Ok , i’ll give it ago , thanks

Nope still the same message with the dongle out and the latest Eliencer installed .
Im not messing with anything else my system works so i’ll find another system to run SX3 , not risking it if it’s not playing ball
Im on C11 but have 8.5/10/10.5 installed

And it’s the same dongle i used for SX3 back in the day lol

I’ll be interested to know how you get on either here or PM me (I am in UK)

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It seems like im in an ever revolving cycle . installed sx3 on my xp machine but because the licences are new they can’t be rad with an old version of the Elicencer and you can not install the later elicencer on an old netframe work …

(unhelpful post of the year)

I think there is a way to make the elicencer software work…found it on the steinberg site the other day for another poster (who wasn’t aware of google :slight_smile: )

let me have a look

basically install the old version of elc and update the elicencer database manually - so sx3 shoud work with XP and your C11 dongle…
(no guarantee obviously!)

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Ummm , not to sure on exactly what you mean , the older elicencer for SX 3.19 has been installed , it recognises the dongle in the EL but not the licences and when i try to retype the activation code it’s like upgrading to C11, you have a shorter code ,so do you mean enter the code from my "MY STEINBERG"into the older licencer , would that stop my dongle working with C11?
Sorry to sound stupid but it’s bee a few years since SX lol

no need to re-activate (obviously won’t work - those codes are ‘used’) - your dongle has a C11 licence already (?) so that works on previous versions
The last version of that XP compatible is eLicenser Control Center

but those old versions know nothing of 21st century post-covid cubase 11 licences ( : ) )

so get the latest .sld file from here

theoretically this ‘may’ work