converting Aprpegiated Chords generated by Arpeche into Actual Notes OFFLINE


I have a chord track with 8 measure and I would like a guitar MIDI track to follow the chords using Arpache inserted as MIDI insert.

I drag the chords into the guitar track, and the arpeggiator plays it with NO issue. However, the MIDI is show is chords ( stack of MIDI notes). How can I convert this to actual short midi notes of my Arpeggio?

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Next to every MIDI Insert, you can find a “Record” button. Click on it to record the MIDI signal with the MIDI Insert effect applied.

hmm… I tried this Martin and nothing happened. Am I missing something?

But I lopped it with left locator and then went to item MIDI > Merge in Loop, choosing “Include Insert” and Erase Destination, and finally deactivating the Aprpache insert did the job.

Oh, this function is working only when you record the MIDI data in the real time. Then the data is recorded with the Insert effect.

I’m glad you found your way.

Thank you Martin. You are the one who always answers my question first. It is good to know that. But usually record with Arpeche in real time, I miss lots of notes! Maybe is good with other inserts. I updated the title.