Converting Audio From 23.976 to 25 to Proper Pitch

I’m trying to correct the pitch of a printmaster for a feature that was originally at 23.976 fps and it will now be in 25 fps. The picture with the printmaster was converted with Cinema Tools, and I needed to do a pitch shift the printmaster so it will be in the correct pitch. I set the standard pitch shift in Nuendo to -1 semitones, with a 30 cents increase, and with a MPEX - Solo Fast Formant algorithm setting.

The printmaster sounds great, but I noticed the audio is roughly a 1/4 frame and 10 subframes off from the original audio (sometimes slightly worse). I tried all the other MPEX algorithms, but none of them sounds as good as the MPEX - Solo Fast Formant. Is there other options that I can try when it comes to pitching that won’t slide the sync? Any help would be appreciated.

Convert from 23,876 to 24fps using the resample function.
Timestretch from 24 to 25 using the time stretch algo of your choice preserving pitch.

Sync should be spot on.


Would pull down be stretching? And pull up compressing? Does anyone knows how to use the resample tool to “stretch” or compress from 2398 fps to 24? is it the right way? I have a 2398 video hour long stereo mix that needs to be turn into 24 fps for a dcp and then a 25 version for a tv channel. I know the n I would have to use the time stretch and pitch , but someone was talking that the first conversion shold be done with the resample tool…I really dont know and need help. I am opening another thread but thought maybe someone knows here . Thanks!!