Converting audio to midi in cubase 11 pro

I’m trying to convert a simple monophonic baseline to midi using the variaudio function and unless I’m missing something, its pretty rubbish. The midi is part of the way there but its not a true representation of the bass notes. The instructions seem to be pretty straightforward but considering how simple the bass line is, I’m really disappointed with the result. Are there any additional parameters I need to be aware of to get something decent ?


You can try to use SpectraLayers to make the signal cleaner and then use VariAudio again.

and how would I do that ? I cant find any ‘cleanup’ option, just unmix vocals


Sorry, I’m not SpectraLayers expert at all… I would try to remove all harmonics frequencies and keep just the base frequencies.

OK, thanks. I guess variaudio isn’t really what its hyped up to be if you have to further process any audio files, if it cant work with a simple baseline then I guess its next to useless for anything more complex.

It’s not the complexity of the bassline that comes into play, it is the complexity of the audio itself that makes pitch detection difficult.

You can have a nice clean signal that is a breeze to detect pitch from. But take that same signal & route it through a big distortion pedal that’s cranked and pitch detection will be horrible.