Converting Chord Events to MIDI Basic


When I select the chord events and drag them to the MIDI or instrument track. Cubase puts more number of notes in chords by doubling them. I try different voicing ( piano, guitar, etc.). I just want for say C chord, on the MIDI track C-E-G appear on the MIDI track.

How can I do this please? Can I use MIDI Logic Editor?

Please help,

You can learn how this works by observing the voicings in the info line and examining the the options available in the Voicings menu of the chord track inspector.

Try dragging the chords to an empty MIDI track. If you have recorded a MIDI track and then drag chords from the Chord Track to a MIDI track that already includes MIDI data, the Tracks are combined on one track – messy things can happen. You can merge and try to clean up, but it can get very finicky.

Dragging chords from Chord track to MIDI track has some bugs, but, all in all, it does work reasonably well. Turn off Adaptive Voicing and/or Automatic Scales on the Chord Track. Create a chord on the Chord track, use the Info Line to choose an inversion and voicing (many choices are available). Drag the chord to an empty MIDI track. Cubase always places the root in the bass, but, generally speaking, it gets the inversions and voicing right. (see screen, all upper upper voicing and inversions were created by 1) selecting on the info line, 2) dragging chord to measure.

If you go to the Key Editor and select the Chords Tab, you’ll see more options for voicing and inversions.

See: Project > Chord Track > Chords to Midi for a fast way to populate a MIDI track with chords from any version of your chord track.

Unfortunately, the upper notes on some of the chords were clipped out of the screenshot – my error, but you get the idea, I’m sure.

No, an extra root note does not get added if you have configured Cubase not to do so. Please look at the Custom Voicings dialog.

What bugs, Stephen57? Were they reported?

Great! Thank you.

Thanks, Steve. I’ll have a look at Custom Voicings. IMHO, the voicing and inversions chord handling in Cubase is very strong. Not to mention all those alternate scales.

(I have reported some issues with Chord Track, but don’t want to go off topic here. Briefly, there’s a issue were a chord dragged to a measure doesn’t fill the whole measure. There another where a looped track with a transpose track – midi chords playing from chord track don’t transpose on loop. Martin confirmed that one, awaiting correction.)