Converting Chord to Arpeggio


Is there a way ( say by LE) to convert a MIDI chord into arpeggio notes of equal length? For instance chord C-E-G duration 1/4 to be split into C,E,G each of length 1/12 ( together form triplet)?

The way I am doing is I create LE to split the notes into 2,3,4,5… and then shorten the notes. And then set the quantize and nudge the notes one at the time to the correct position. I thought there might be an easier way!

Thank you.

Yeah you should be able to do this with the LE. But your arpeggio pattern will be hardwired into the LE Preset, so you’ll probably need a custom one for each unique use.

As an alternative have you explored the MIDI arpeggio Insert plugins that come with Cubase?

Thank you Raino again. Yes, I have used the arpeggio and also chord track patterns, etc.

My use case is different. I have already a composition recorded ad libitum on MIDI track ( say piano) and I want to say if three notes in the display staked on top of each other ( after setting proper display quantize, and “Scores Notes to MIDI”), I would like to separate them. Is there a better way to split them?

When you say “split” here I assume you mean moving the notes to different positions and not breaking notes in two. Yeah probably the LE is your best bet to automate the whole thing. However for some things, especially one-offs, I find it easier to do something mostly by hand with an assist from the LE rather than going through the effort to build a LE pre to do the whole thing. For example I might use the LE to select all the tenor Notes in a Part. But then it is easier to just drag them a 1/4 note later and shorten their length using a mouse. I could use the LE for that too but that would take longer.

Thank you. Implementing these features in Cubase is very simple. I hope the Steinberg Team play a little More attention to the MIDI functions.