Converting dry tracks to processed

Hi I’m new to the world of recording so this may be a dumb question but anyway…
I recorded some dry guitar tracks using line 6 pod farm and want to convert them to processed tracks. If I play the tracks back with my line 6 hardware plugged in then I hear the tracks play back with the processed sound but as soon as I unplug it then all I hear is the clean dry sound.
How do I save the tracks so I only hear the processed sound even when the line 6 hardware is unlplugged?

FYI, keeping the dry recording is super valuable for “reamping” and making changes later.

To “convert” your processed track, you will want to go to File > Export > Audio Mixdown. Then name your file, select a location to save to, change file type to "WAV’ for lossless export. Then, on the left, select your guitar track. At the bottom hit Export.

Your processed audio is now saved as the file in the location you specified.