Converting instrument to audio in same track

Hello this will be for Nuendo but obviously for Cubase as well.
Will suggest to transform the instrument track to audio (midi data embedded in) and vise versa, from audio to midi (to modify notes when needed in the same track) these will avoid having multiple midi/audio tracks of same instrument. also…to keep all automation and mixing plugins with fx inserts in place while moving back and forth.

Hoping a lot of users back this ideas and vote for it.


Is that not what an Instrument track already is, a combination midi+audio track?

Hello Steve,
My point is rendering the instrument track to audio (wave file) in the same track which hide the instrument vst automatically after rendering… When you recall the audio to midi the instrument vst will be active again.
this way you can save cpu load on your processor.
The same feature is in studio one V6 and it’s super useful and I think Nuendo deserves a great feature like these. Specially in large format projects that have hundreds of tracks.

-you can do edits without creating a new rendered audio track every single time. (Toggling in between inst./audio)
-if you have any fx on the inserts or automation etc…all stays in place (either audio or instrument track)

I’m not sure an audio format file exists that can play back audio AND have MIDI data embedded in it.


I guess he is talking about something like PreSonus’ (Studio One) Track Transform

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What’s wrong with “Freeze”?

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That would be the closest to what we think he needs… Freeze track.

Hello, thx for your support.
Nothing wrong with the freeze, converting the instrument track is very similar to freeze the only difference is, you will be able to see an editable wave regions and the midi data in it. With freeze you will not be able to do anything with the region (it’s frozen midi data, you need to perform render in place to convert it to audio permanently)

Note: you can edit the audio of the converted tracks (adding fades, performing cuts etc…) and when you drag it to a different midi or instrument track you will see a duplication of the midi performance (because it contains midi)

This has been asked for since years, but has never come to fruition in this way.

I personally would use it but for the sake of saving system resources, it may actually create new demands.

As a Studio One user, Track Transform is an amazing feature. You can lock a MIDI/VI part down, saving CPU, but recall it if changes are needed. It’s fast and efficient.

The track state can be preserved and you can choose to render the inserts, or keep them live. Everything is restored when you re-transform back to the instrument track.

No need for freezing and unfreezing tracks. Best of all, the transform back to MIDI respects (most) edits made to the audio - if you cut 4 bars out of the audio part - that is reflected when the part comes back to MIDI.


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YES!!! Isn’t it amazing feature? I would love to see it in Nuendo and/or Cubase.
Thank you for supporting this idea. I’m hoping someone from Steinberg will be on top of this and bring it to reality.

We have to never give up and keep trying…I’m sure whoever is not familiar will love it and praise it.

I believe that a change was made at some point, to improve the Freeze function, to allow rendered files to be made available via the Pool but of course this is not the same as the aforementioned feature, available in a competing product.

Notwithstanding, I have over time purchased an interface that has onboard DSP (MOTU), which I use to render audio in realtime, for mixing on a separate platform (Nuendo 11), where I employ UAD plugins and the workflow is quite good, albeit while having to rename multiple files many times over for new takes (SB please overhaul the Pool :slight_smile: with Bezier automation available during record AND mix, since I program music without using microphones or external inputs.