Converting kits from battery4

Is there a solution to export->import kits frome Battery4 to GrooveAgent4 ??? (not one that costs 150$)

Not directly, but you can always go the way through wave files and do them one by one if you got the time.

I am not sure why you want to do it either as Battery 4 is an excellent drum software. In fact one of the most versatile in the market right now. Especially for electronic drums. You can do things with Battery that no other software can get close to. Battery is huge and takes time to master but it is worth it IMHO. (I guess my objections towards GA4 has been duly noted already so I won’t get into that now). To use one of the main features in GA4, the slide bar system to change the styles on the fly, you can only use styles (grooves) made by Steinberg, think that is why they made it that way. Battery has a more open philosophy and you can get a lot of drum sets for free on the net. However Battery is not much of a groove player as GA4 is. Battery is more of a “I like to play the drums myself” software. Groove Monkee has some MIDI files prepared for Battery but since each kit is so huge and different in Battery, the grooves may sound strange (or interesting) when you change between them playing the same groove.

As the routing on many of the drums will be different, it is also difficult to get a good result when routing the MIDI signals from GA4 to Battery having Battery drum sets play the grooves of GA4. Especially electronic drums would be kind of messy. And Battery4 is more about electronic drums than Battery 3.

1st thing 1st…i Hated that Battery 4 removed the “note repeat” function from version 3 !
So for me the version 4 is a downgrade, ok the GUI is nicer !!!

GA4 has it all 4 me…flexibility, nice Cubase integration (for loop slicin etc).

And yeah I know I could recreate the kits one by one with the wavs…but that’s exactly what I dont wanna do, too long !!!

I know there is a software that convert kits but cost 150E…i will use it once so, 150E for a unique use is too much for me !!!

Dude, I’m starting to doubt you. Battery’s cool, too. But the most people who use GA4 as a drum machine
don’t give a flower about the slide bar. It’s no problem to play the drums yourself with GA4, you can
drop ALL KINDS of MIDI patterns in and out of GA4. With the advantage to edit them in the VSTi and the
Standalone Version as well. You can do all the stuff and even more with GA4. Have a closer look at it.
I accept your opinion about the Acoustic Agents.

Btw: It is easy to use the GA patterns to control Battery. You can easily change the notes of the patterns.
Or get the drum maps for the Battery Kits.

The rest of your answer was correct. You have to browse for the samples and remap the kits yourself.
Sounds worse than it actually is, cause the mapping options you got when you drop a batch of samples to a pad.

My wife is doubting me as well :slight_smile: Story of my life. However this was more of a Battery question so I was a little more kind to GA4 than usual. And I never said it was not possible to play the drums in GA4. You can play drums just fine with any MIDI controller. I only said that Battery is not the groove player as GA4 (as it has no MIDI player built in). I never said GA could not play grooves, any grooves that is. I only said that where it excels above others is the slide bar (most drum software have some kind of groove player). The only grooves you can use the slider on is Steinbergs own. If you do not want to use the slide bar, just fine by me. It does however take away one argument for GA in comparison to the alternatives. My preferred drumsoftware right now are the Sieblings from Toontrack. I also use Minestry of Rock from time to time (now kind of replaced with a more modern interface, but I have not done the upgrade). I think I have given GA ample time. I have even written a manual for the thing, now used by Groove Monkee and included when you download grooves for GA. So I know the software. Just think Battery is better for electronic (and a bunch of others too) and Toontrack for more trad music. Think we never will see eye to eye on this. Save energy and stop the debate?

When the slide bar is the top argument for you and you’re longing for
a possibility to create your own grooves for it, why don’t you open a thread
with a feature request? I wanted note repeat like many others. Made a FR
several times like many others. And whoop …

I’m sure that you’re a power user and there’s no disrespect here.
It’s just not constructive to always refer to a software that you might find
better when an OP has a question about GA4.

Exactly…The topic is “converting” not “comparing”…nor “tell me why u prefer Battery”…
So OK we can talk and compare softwares and our use of them…BUT THATS OFF TOPIC !!!

Plus Battery 4 is not so good, i can’t see something better in it, that i cant find in GA4… the opposite tho, i can !!! Like I said Battery 4 removed “note repeat” as GA4 added it !!!

So yeah i prefer GA4…and yeah I still need a way to convert those kits (and not manually, spending 1 week doin it instead of music)

Please tell us what are those “things” you can do with B4 and not with GA4 (do you own GA4? or a GAse4?)

(plus, IMO, battery is not taking time to master…it’s as easy as GA4…)

And I can’t understand why you say “B 4 is more electronic music than B 3” … any drummachine will be electronic ready !!! MPC, LinnDrum, DMX, 808 etc etc etc etc

They removed a lot of the acoustic kits in 4, hence it is more geared towards electronic music than 3. As for what Battery is capable for (and not GA4) I would suggest going to and watch the tutorial on Battery4. It is a rather long tutorial that would answer your question.

Sorry if I got carried away there. Only trying to help. Won’t try anymore as is seems to annoy you.

Like I said, it wasnt the topic…so what’s annoying is when someone comes to answer your question but finally is tryin to make you go to another software…it wasn’t my question, “should i buy B4 or GA4” … do you understand what i thought was off topic???

Plus what you said bout B4 wasnt so true…when you compared it to GA4. But I see you talk bout real drum sounds, but when i say GA4>B4 is about what function it has and B4 hasnt…not if the style is ok or not…for realm drumming sound, notyhing beats a real drumset and a real drummer!!!
But has function? 1st: note repeat…plus the slicing tool that is way better… (maybe if I dig a bit more I’ll found many more function unvailable in B4 that are in GA4)…

So dont point me to … cause i kno B4, used it (less than B3) then saw how powerful is GA4 !!!

That’s all dude…if you wanna help that’s nice, if you dont wanna help anymore cause you feel “misunderstood” that’s ok too !!! But don’t go off topic then say to ppl “i’ve been misunderstood”…

No heart feelings !

Is there a way to export or save the kits in Battery except for monolith or .kt4?

GA4 is able to import MPC and GAK file format.
As long as you’re not able to at least export the kits
to a compatible format that also contains the samples,
there’s not really a chance. All the factory stuff is packed
in monolith files, so there’s also not really a chance to get
the samples.

There are some middlewares that might work.
Check out
I didn’t have a close look, but it seems it can handle .kt3-files.
Not sure if they added .kt4 yet.

There’s also a demo-version.

I ripped and remapped a lot of iMaschine Kits.
So I feel why you don’t wanna spend your time with that.
Took me some precious time.

The software translator, is too costy for a 1 time use…
I guess I wont be able to easily convert kits so…i’ll do them by hand with the samples