Converting Metagrid to the new Midi Remote?

Since Generic Remotes are eventually going to be discontinued, I’m wondering how the conversion of the 2 Generic Remotes that Metagrid provides, which contain over a thousand commands in each is going to happen?

Plus, my 3rd Metagrid remote that contains over a hundred Macros?

Has anyone even attempted to integrate Metagrid to the new Midi Remote?

Prezmeks focus seems to be all on Metagrid Pro even though he is not discontinuing Metagrid. When asked about converting all of this due to Generic Remotes on life support, he said he doesn’t have any information.

Also, I’m not sure if there is any difference between Metagrid and Metagrid Pro when it comes to this conversion process?

I don’t have Metagrid Pro but I assume it also uses the Generic Remote & will break in the future without intervention. If anyone is familiar with both the regular and Pro versions how comparable are their methods of communicating with Cubase?

I’ve been purposefully ignoring MIDI Remote since its release. Hopefully the Generic Remote doesn’t leave too soon.

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My assumption is Metagrid Pro, uses the same Midi Remotes like Metagrid does.

Due to the popularity of Metagrid, I’m confident something will be worked out. I can’t see Steinberg discontinuing the old Midi Remote system until it’s accommodated…somehow.

I think @Phil_Pendlebury might be a user who has any insight on this?

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I have the same problem with the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin and I still use the old midi remote which works perfectly and the few tests I have carried out are not conclusive at all
I think remote midi is still in its infancy
I dare to hope that there will be great improvements in future updates because for me it is impossible to do without my Plugin and all the commands that go with it

It’s good to know it’s not just Metagrid alone using the generic remotes. They didn’t give a timeline, and I can’t imagine they would drop the old method without offering a solution.

And with so many commands, I hope it isn’t a manual solution. :pleading_face:

I figure the same. Compare it to retiring VST2. There was a real need to make that go away because it was causing stability & performance problems. But Generic Remote isn’t like that. It doesn’t cause problems, it is just clunky and limited. Seems like it could hang on as a legacy capability for quite awhile without causing problems since it is only monitoring a MIDI Input and taking action based on what it sees there.

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