Converting MIDI Program Change to Note Value for Keyswitching?

Hello. I’ve been working with MIDI since the beginning, but I’m quite new to the MIDI part of Nuendo 12. I have a number of MIDI files that use the Program Change message. They need to control VIs that only support Keyswitching. I actually greatly prefer the PGM message. So I’m trying to solve the problem with a MIDI insert.

Using the Transformer, it’s easy enough to catch a Program Change message, change the command value to Note, and give it a non-zero velocity. That successfully switches the program in the VI. But what I haven’t figured out how to do is then send a Note Off command a couple of ticks later. That would be either either Note Off or Note On with velocity 0. I don’t know if there’s another MIDI insert that could trigger the Note Off afterwards. A Note On should always have its corresponding Note Off.

Has anybody successfully pulled this one off?