Converting Midi to Audio (Cubase newbie)

Hi, I’m pretty new to Cubase and have very little idea how most of it works.
I’ve put together a track using keyboard as midi, and it plays back fine in the project, but I have no clue how I convert the midi to audio.

I’ve read through forums, looked at YouTube videos, and I’m completely lost. I’m not used to using audio creation software - I’m literally doing this to record a song.

I’m using Cubase 12 Pro with a Roland Juno DS plugged in as a MIDI keyboard. There are three tracks on the project.

I’m really stuck and would greatly appreciate any help anyone can offer!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This question has been answered many times on the forum already.

You have to:

  • Connect the audio cables from your hardware synth to your Audio Device.
  • Add an Audio Track
  • Setup the Inputs
  • Record the audio signal to Cubase.

Then you can Export Audio Mixdown to get the resulting Audio. (Or you can use already recorded Audio file.)

Thanks but I’m not even sure what you actually mean by this, sorry.

I’ve got my keyboard plugged directly into my laptop via USB. When I’ve added an audio track I don’t know what Inputs to set up.

Sorry but I am really not familiar with any of this!


Via USB cable, you are transferring only MIDI data. But you need to transfer the resulting audio to Cubase. You can do so by connecting Stereo Out/Line Out of the hardware synth to Line In of your Audio Device. Do you own any?

I would recommend to watch some Cubase Quick Start videos.

Hello, you can use this video as guide

When you say “it plays back fine” can you clarify what “it” is? Where is the sound you are hearing coming from?

Is it the sound of the Juno itself you are hearing (just like you would if Cubase were not involved at all)? If that is the case, follow the advice given above.

Or is the sound you are hearing being produce by Cubase in response to what you are playing on the Juno? If this is the case, then the answer is going to be different.

Just wanted to verify that we’re answering the correct question.

From his first post I understand he is using the Juno as MIDI keyboard (he said it twice), so my suggestion on learning how to bounce MIDI into audio. But the better let’s wait for confirmation.

I think “Render in place” is the way too.


Yes, but you would need the audio connection to the Audio Device too.

you would need the audio connection to the Audio Device too

If the sound is coming from the hardware keyboard, yes. But maybe that’s just a MIDI controller, and the OP is using a built-in soft instrument? They don’t say.