converting midi to audio

I have look on you tube for the answer to this question, i just can’t find nothing that works. So i thought that maybe someone here could help me out.I am trying to take the midi tracks and bounce them down to audio tracks one by one. I don’t want to have one stereo track, what I want is for each track to be separate audio track. Thanks in advance.

There is the “channel batch export” but that may depend on which version you own.

Solo the track you want to mixdown… Set the track level at 0.00 and master out at 0.00… It’s a good idea to have panning at center and no plug ins on the track or main out. (these can be inserted on the new audio track for mixdown). Then go to file-export-audio mixdown. In the first space name your instrument. In the second space select from the arrow-use project folder. Then in the file format select wave file. Next if you want it exported as a mono track check that box. Next check the pool and audio track boxes. Then hit the export button… Also be sure to have the left and right locators set to encompass the track you are exporting…
Good luck,