converting mono track into stereo


Just create a stereo Group Track and route the mono track to it. All stereo effects will work when inserted into this group track.

The fastest way is just to do a Render In Place.

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Panning works fine here in the trial version. Not sure what you’re doing differently.

“It doesn’t work” - the epitome of being vague…


this is the way how I convert a single Mono Audio Track by record it into a empty Stereo Track:

! It’s all about the routing setings !


  1. Input -> Setting unimportant
  2. Output -> Stereo Out


  1. Output -> NO BUS !!!
  2. Input -> STEREO OUT (it’s not available when in Output the Stereo Out is still selected)
  3. Activate the Recording Indicator - shows up now in RED
  4. Activate also the Monitoring Indicator - shows up in YELLOW

Of course you have selected before the desired cycle to record, jump to the start and activate the record an the desired new stereo track.
Cubase is running and recording and you should see and hear the mono track is routed into the new stereo one, also the waveform should be seen while recording updating.

After this you should have the complete original MONO TRACK recorded into the new STEREO TRACK.

Now you have to re-set the few changes we’ve done before:

  1. MUTE the original MONO TRACK
  2. Select your new Stereo Track
  3. Input -> Select your desired Input Bus - f.e. a Group Bus
  4. Output -> After you make your changes to the Input you can also change here the output to STEREO OUT again
  5. Deselect the Monitoring Indicator

That all! You’re done! Just a bit playing around with the routing - I find myself this is the easiest way to create STEREO from MONO Audio without fiddling to much around with tons of tools or plugins.

Hope this works for you!

Greetings from Germany

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Or vice versa! In Pro Tools, I can right-click a stereo track and “split to mono” with one click. It’s all about workflow and speed.
As for the stereo plugin issue, it’s plagued me for years. I don’t want to route to a stereo buss and then put the stereo plugin on that buss. I want to load a stereo plugin on a mono track and have the track “appear” to be stereo, just like Pro Tools does. Then if you remove the stereo plugin, the track appears to be mono again. Again, it’s about workflow and speed. Less messing around and more getting down to business.

Agreed. Moreover, this is kind of ironic, considering that we already had this feature in the past, 15 years ago, when Steinberg released Cubase SX 1. Unfortunately, it was removed after the SX 2 update, and it never returned back.

In project/pool, locate the file for the track in question, right click on it and select “convert files”. The dialogue box gives various alternatives, select format “stereo interleaved” and convert. If you have chosen “replace” then the existing mono track will now show the two channels but the track remains mono. Then create a new stereo track and slide the (now) stereo part onto it.
If you have chosen “make copy” then create a new stereo track and slide the new stereo audio onto it from the pool.

I upgraded from Artist 9 to Pro 10. I was hopping this feature will be now.
Still a pain in the brain…
So, Steinberg, how can you think, a ProTools user, may consider to “crossgrade” to Cubase, when the most used feature in ProTools isn´t in Cubase Pro?
The most pro sound engineers works with OMF and AAF.
At import, in Cubase, you can´t even select 2 mono tracks to go on 1 stereo track.
In ProTools, you can select 2 mono and move them to 1 stereo track, just with 3 clicks.
3 !!!
I was really hopping this feature will be in Cubase Pro 10.
OMF and AAF is a daily workflow today, most of the sound engineers exchange projects this way.
Some splitted waveforms are not on same L-R because speed is necesary for de video editor and he may not stay and put the stereo waves on same tracks, having an OMF, AAF, a little chaotic.
So how can we move some mono, chaotic, waves to combine them in stereo?
mono stereo.png
We can´t.

“select them in pool and…”
When a project may have 200-300 waves?
It can take many hours, and IT DOESN´T KEEP THE ORIGINAL WAVEFORM.
Because in many times we need to make crossfades between waves, and drag the ends to modify as we need the lenght.
So, this way, if a sound engineer must work with AAF, or OMF, he will never choose Cubase.
If you want to gain Pro Engineers, the “move 2 mono to 1 stereo” is a MUST.

Just stumbled across a project that I wanted to do this on too and was a bit bummed that there’s no one-click way to convert a mono track to stereo. Quite sad really in 2019 :frowning:

Yeah this is absolutely ridiculous and there is no reason whatsoever to not finding a solution to this.

I am not a technical person here: and have been trying to understand for a year now

  1. If I have a Mono Vocal Track - do I use Mono Plugins or Stereo Plugins to turn the track into stereo.

  2. Do I need to convert the Mono Track to Stereo: then use Stereo plugins for my vocal files.

All I want to do is do what most people do when mixing a song.

Thanks guys, I get lost trying to read and understand forums.

Cubase 10 Pro has this function. It will convert mono to stereo and vice versa.

Here’s a list of 25 new features Pro 10 offers and mono to stereo is one of them.

My guess is that many do not convert their mono audio recordings to stereo.

Some record through a mono bus onto a stereo audio track. You still get a mono recording but many stereo VSTs, which may not work correctly when inserted on a mono audio track, will work/sound much better when inserted onto a stereo audio track.

Try this yourself to hear the difference:
1- Record something (vocal or guitar) from a mono bus onto a mono audio track.
2- Add a stereo audio track to your project.
3- Copy the recorded event from the mono audio track to the stereo audio track.
4- Insert the same stereo type VST (like a reverb) to each track.
5- Listen to the differences between the tracks. Certain stereo VSTs will definitely sound better when used on the stereo audio track.

This is a way to go if this method allows you to achieve the sound you want. :wink:

Regards :sunglasses:

okay thanks @prock “Prock” - I’ll have to sit down and try and figure this out for each VST but that seems overwhelming and my ears aren’t well developed in spotting differences but it’s getting better.

I see that people convert audio files to stereo in studios sessions for mixing so for now I’ll convert the several thousands vocal files I have as I work on each song until I develop a greater understanding what practices mixers have.

I did find this video which gave me a tip on using “shift + right click” then once in the Audio Pool, converting the highlighted audio track to stereo.

I don’t think we have to upgrade just to create a mono, maybe in a few years when I get money.

No, you don’t have to upgrade to be able to execute this. There are ways around it as described in this thread.
I apologize about the single upgrade option but that was aimed toward those in this thread that have Pro 10 and claimed they couldn’t convert mono to stereo and vice versa.

In the same situation. This is my first feature I’m working on after switching from Pro Tools. I was so excited about the change then such a simple issue is already making me regret the move. How stupid that you can just drag two mono tracks to a stereo track of a stereo track into two monos. How is this still an issues after people have complained for so long.