Converting Notes to Program Changes

Hello all,

I’ve recently been putting together a palette and have his a bit of a wall. I’m trying to load a whole bunch of articulations into Kontakt (5 different staccato brass sections) and have them easily accessible via one midi track in cubase. I’ve created a Kontakt Bank object to do this as I don’t want to start programming at the instrument level. This works pretty well. Each of my instruments resides in the bank and then I can use program change messages to switch between them. Here is where it would be nice to streamline it even more.

Is there a way to have a cubase midi insert or plugin that will convert certain midinotes (say c0-f#0) into the appropriate program change messages?


While theoretical possible co convert a note range to Program Changes in Cubase, you might be better of to use the ‘Note to Program Change’ script within contact if you use a bank.



You can use offline processing, as Logical Editor, or you can use online way, by using Expression Map.

In the Logical Editor, Filter Target is:
Type Is > Equal > Note > And
Value 1 (Pitch) > Equal > C0

Action Target:
Type > Set to fix value > Program Change

If you want to use Expression Map, you can set:
Remote Note = C0
Output Mapping > Status = Program Change; Data 1 = XX (value of PG, you want to use).

Remote Note = C#0
Output Mapping > Status = Program Change; Data 1 = XX+1 (value of PG, you want to use for 2nd note).