Converting old Cubase mixermaps from *.mix to *.xml format

Hello all, I have some old mixermaps of the Yamaha synths DX11 and CS1X in .mix format. According to an old forum post

Cubase SX3 had an option for converting .mix files to xml format.
Is it possible to do the same in Cubase 12?
If not, could somebody who has SX3 do this for me?
I could upload the .mix files.

Thanks in advance.

assuming you have some kind of cubase license on an elicenser then you can still download SX3 - and it run it fine on windows 10 at least enough to do the conversion.

I did it my self the a few weeks ago.

all the info is on the steinberg support site

Hello Dr.Strangelove,
I have a license for Cubase 12 which does not run on e-Licenser anymore.

Could you point me to the Steinberg link?

Thank you.

yes, a Cubase 12 licence won’t work on earlier versions (obviously :slight_smile: )

is your Cubase 12 an upgrade ?
do you have an elicenser ?
if so does it have ANY cubase licences on it ?
alternatively a 'soft elicenser with Cubase LE/essential/AI on it ?

if you don’t have an elicenser with some sort of cubase licence on then downloading an earlier version won’t work

Many thanks for your reply and for the link.

I will check for the soft eLicenser later today.

Best Regards.

if your cubase 12 was an upgrade you should have something on an elicenser/softelicenser somewhere - unless you thrown/given it away

Hello again,

Thanks for your information. While I still have the original floppy disks, I must have discarded the U R Card.


So I guess I will not be able to use SX3 on my old computer?


if you registered your soft-elicenser you might be able to recover any licenses from your MySteinberg account

all info is on the SB support site

Thank you very much.

Cubase SX3 only exists as a PPC executable, but Mac PPC machines have been obsolete for several years now. So this turned out to be a dead end for me.

Oh well .

Hi @ebsynth if you like, upload the files in a reply or a PM to me and I’ll try to convert them using my copy of Cubase SE 3.

apologies - I assumed windows - I should have asked

hopefully @steve can fix

Hello Steve,

Thanks for your reply. Please find attached the respective *.mix files. (10.6 KB)
CS1x Mixermap (1.1 MB)

Your help is deeply appreciated.

Best Regards,

Thanks for replying Simon. :smiley: (55.3 KB)
Hi Steve. It would be really cool if you could help me to convert that old cubase song

@Ferenz please do it on your machine. I helped out a Mac user who cannot run SX 3, but that’s not your case.

Tanks for your message. How can I run SX 3 please ?
do i need to download SX 3 ?
my file song comes as exec
Thank you