Converting Old Vst files to work in Cubase 5.5

Hi. Trying to load an old .all file into Cubase 5.5. No joy.
Any Ideas???

You’ll need to use Cubase SX 3 as a converter. It is the last Cubase version with Cubase VST song import.

Thanks .

Will try that.

Hi, I’m new here. Does anyone know how can I open an old project created in cubase 3.5 with the new 6 full version.

armandin: Look here:

Thank you very much WESW .
It worked, it was very simple to download cubase SX, then to import my old file .all and convert it to .cpr
The bad point: I did not get effects at all in the converted project and I had to reconfigure the entire MIDI, however the audio files are intact and in sync with the rest of the project.
Thanks a lot again