Converting PAL to NTSC

Hi, this is a first for me so if anyone has got any experience do chime in. :slight_smile:

Doing a mix of a regular TV show which will then be converted to NTSC (29.97 fps) , does anyone have the maths for doing this correctly? I don’t think Nuendos pull up menu covers it…

So you have a 25 fps show and after the mix (and finished picture) the master will be converted to 29.97 fps?

Then, you don’t have to do anything because the picture department will do the conversion.

Remember, for audio, a second is a second and stays a second! :wink:.
Frames are just the division of “that” second.

The pull up/down thing is just needed for non standard conversions. 24 to 25 and so on.

In your case, i think you just deliver a mix.


Hmmmm … That depends on how the picture department will handle the convertion, no?
If they re-render the video, so the running time is unchanged, you indeed don’t have to do anything.
If they are going to “pull” the video (play the 25fps @ 29.97fps), then you also need to pull your audio.


That would be highly unprofessional - the thing would run as a kind of slowmo’isch show then.
If someone would deliver something like that to pro post house, or a broadcast station - it would be declined for sure!
This thing needs to see a motion compensated conversion. Picture and final mix altogether.


Don’t get me started …
But I’ve seen it happening many-many times.
One of the last animated shows I did was rendered in 24fps.
The reason givin’ was that 24fps was easier to convert to US Standards.
Obviously there was a problem for the European Broadcast market, which is 25fps.
So we had to pull all of our audio.

Once the problem sank through they began to investigate the so-called “easier to convert”-excuse.
Turned out that rendering 24 frames per second of show was much cheaper than rendering 25 frames per second.
So it was a budget-issue. Which I can understand because it was a 52 episodes high-end animated show with very detailed graphics.

That show I am talking about was sold to pretty much any broadcaster.
Including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Canal+, ProSieben and many others. +50 countries worldwide.


Ha :slight_smile: Sure - things happen!
But we do work like this (picture and audio) on a regular basis too.
Sadlly we never had much luck in working like this. German QC is very picky over here usually!

But glad you guys don’t had these issues then !

But, 24 <> 25 pull up/down is normal and won’t be much of a discussion! But 25 <> 29/30 is no pull up/down thing usually.
There really should be a motion comp. conversion happening.


See, we agree!



:smiley: and hijacked this threat, hehe!

Hi guys,

Yes, thanks, I’ve been in school at the picture department so all good. :smiley: