Converting percussion staves to 5 lines on imported Sibelius musicXML files

I imported a musicXML file exported from Sibelius. It includes five percussion instruments which, in Sibelius, were on 5-line percussion staves.

Dorico put three of the five instruments on 5-line percussion staves, but the others - timbales and congas - it put on two-line and three-line percussion staves, respectively.

I want to convert these to 5-line percussion staves.

In Setup mode, I went to “Edit percussion kit”, and saw that “5-line staff” was already selected.

For the Bongo staff (which correctly imported to 5 lines), the “Drum kit” box is ticked, so I did that for the timbales and congas. That didn’t change anything.


You can change single/grid/5-line-staff for percussion in Layout Options → Players → Percussion.

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