Converting piano MIDI to score

I have a MIDI file of my own piano playing that I would like to use to convert to a score - rather than writing the whole score out manually. However, when I use Cubase to do this I unsurprisingly get the score on a single stave. Obviously what I want is the treble and bass clef staves for the right and left hand (the grand stave). What is the best way to do this?

Score Settings, Polyphonic Tab. You can either set a static split point or base the voicing on channels (the more flexible approach). Check the manual for the details.

That’s it, thanks!

I couldn’t find it in the manual, but then I was not sure what to search for! Thanks for the steer, I’ve now found it on Page 1172.

FYI, if you go for the channel approach, I generally find it easier to change the notes’ channel setting in the Key Editor rather than the Score Editor because it is simpler to select a bunch of notes all at once. Also if you set the display to color the notes based on channel number it is visually clearer to see what you’ve done. You can have the Key & Score Editors both open at the same time.

Thanks, static split worked fine.

Just help me with something else if you could please - and again I can’t find this in the manual. The short score covers only half a page of A4 and I want to expand it to a full page so that it is easier to read. I have actually done it before using a mouse click-and-drag, but I can’t remember what I did! Help much appreciated.

Not sure I properly understand the question. But if you trying to spread the bars you have over more staffs see pg. 1285 of the Ops Manual. If you want to increase the physical size of the staffs see pg. 1278.

Sorry, I didn’t put that well! I actually needed to spread the bars over more staves, so problem solved. Thanks again.