Converting velocity to CC numbers?

Hi folks,

Here’s the scenario:

I’ve got a kick drum sample on a Sampler track.

I’ve got a VST filter plugin in as an insert on that track.

When i hit the key hard (on my midi controller), i want the filter to be open. As i hit the key less hard i want the filter to be less open.

So basically i want the open-ness of the filter to correspond to the velocity with which i hit my midi controller key.

Does anyone have an idea how i could achieve this?

Furthermore i want to be able to do it live, and if i record it, it should be recorded as automation CC data.

I’ve been messing around with track quick controllers and transformers, but as yet i can’t find the right way to do it.

I’ve managed to do it by having a separate midi track send note on info to the plugin (with the plugin controlling filter cut-off via velocity) but this isn’t ideal as it means the midi note data gets recorded to two different tracks and has to stay like that. Ideally i’d like all the info that makes this happen just get recorded on the Sampler (kick) track.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile: (vic france? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: