converting .vstpreset files from 32 to jBridge64

When there is no .fxp .fxb export function in said vst, do you guys know a way to make .vstpreset files saved with a 32 bit plugin readable by its jBridge (64) version ? Since moving the .vstpreset files to the new correct folder (traced using a dummy preset created from the Jbridge version) isn’t enough and manually recreating hundreds of presets by hand to save them in new .vstpreset files is not a reasonable option, maybe some hexadecimal plugin iD editing of some kind inside the preset files themselves ? If I know what to change, where to look, maybe I can batch the process ? Thanks

ya, that’s the issue with these bridges/loaders… projects don’t load either as the bridged version shows as a completely different plugin.
You would think that Sentinel could support this either with new coding or emulation…

When you convert the plug ins with Jbridge, there is an option to “Don’t add .64 to the file name”,

this might help, as it keeps the same plug in name, otherwise all the converted plug ins are a different name (well, with .64 after them anyway).

This may not be the solution, but worth trying.


I am having the same issue, the new Jbridge “.64” converted VSTs is not recognized by Cubase 9 Mediabay as the same “old” 32-bit VST :confused:
Any tips here?

Create a preset with the bridged plugin und then just copy the files from the old to the new created folder.
Worked for me