Convolution Reverb that is Not Blacklisted

Hello fellow Cubase users,

I have Cubase essential 5 education edition. I need a free convolution reverb that is not going to be blacklisted.

So far I have tried SIR1 and can not get it to work


Doesn’t CE5 come with REVerance? :confused:

according to my plugin information list/list of available inserts, I do not have REVerance

Appears it doesn’t. Did you delete the blacklist.XML file and restart Cubase to see if it would accept SIR the second time around?

What is your system? SIR 1.011 does not get blacklisted here.

Reverberate LE

Hybrid Reverb 2

I think Both of them work pretty well.


Update: Sorry for the misinformation but before I was trying to use SIR2. I got SIR1 and it is working fine. Thanks for the help everyone.

SIR2 is showing up and working without troubles here.