cool but probably not ment to be hidden feature in cubase

When experementing with some old stuff i stumbled upon a cool feature that is probably not ment to be as it is, but it might be usefull for some of you users. And it is hidden as it seems, because in the normal program you will not be able to see it.

It is actually a converted sx3 project that i cleaned up to the point where it is just an empty project.

It looks like this:

It splits the main workflow screen in to two individual main screens, but they have the same connections and other settings. It is in fact just an overlapping second main workflow screen.

Nice for people who want to compare settings, or who want a way to easily remove any unneeded track info.

Everything works perfect, and i noted no error.

You can download the template here:!6142&authkey=!AJl_mewPclHljwA&ithint=folder%2ccpr

It is clean and without additions. People shoudn’t be able to modify it on site, so you just download it first.
It’s fun and it’s unexpected.

Reactions are welcome.
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p.s.: it is just a CPR, so it will not affect the program in any way

Isn’t that just Divide Track List?

Yes it’s exactly that.

The “empty” project also has all the audio files still referenced so they come up as missing files…not that it matters, but if you wanted to make a completely clean project you should clear files from the audio pool.

Looks like a Divide Track list to me ?

Yup. I regularly use this feature to keep all the ‘reference’ stuff like the tempo track, time signatures, markers, etc. on top and in sight so that they remain visible when I scroll the audio/MIDI data below.

I lately use it to have two ruler tracks, one showing time and one Beats & Bars. That makes clicking and zooming so much better, nice and fat line to aim at.

Yes it is a divided track list. But I do like how those sneaky folks at Steinberg cleverly hid it on pg. 56 of the 8.5 ops manual. They clearly understand their customer base and know that the manual is the last place we’d look for anything.

To the OP - all of us have had the experience of finding something new (to us) that has been around forever. :smiley:

ok ok… never have seen this before so it seems i made a wrong statement.
but it is cool and it doesn’t hurt if it’s on the forum
thanks for clearing this

@raino: i did the RTFM more then once, but it is a bit big to store it completely in my RAM.

cheers folks and keep on posting

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That’s why you should always keep an external HD attached.